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Lawrence Jefferson

Welcome to Lawrence’s green house. He is a marketer in a big company that deals which horticulture products. He has embraced horticulture farming to act as his other source of capital.

Trees & Shrubs

How To Plant and Transplant Trees

How to Plant and Transplant Trees With proper preparation and planning, you can be adding the value and beauty of your compound with trees. There are various types of trees that you can plant depending on your taste and preference. When planting trees in your compound you should first understand the terrain and the climatic...

Repairs & Maintenance

Power Tool Maintenance

Power Tool Maintenance No matter how durable or how effective our power tool is, it needs maintenance. It requires certain level of treatment for it to keep its functionality. By recollecting the following maintenance practices, you will certainly increase the lifespan of your power tool and make it perform better. Here are power tool maintenance...