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John Abrahams

He is a renowned judge and an environment conservation activist. He is obsessed with pets and loves tending to his garden and tress.

Trees & Shrubs

Tree Pruning Near Utility Lines

Tree Pruning near utility lines Are you considering trimming trees that are in your compound?  If yes then you are making the right decision. This is because you are taking care of your trees to make them grow according to your expectations. There are various reasons as to why people prune trees on their garden....

Repairs & Maintenance

How To Clean Your Gutters

How to Clean Your Gutters Many people believe that gutter cleaning is a simple task. Majority of the homeowners could be wondering on the necessity of cleaning gutters because if care is not taken, debris could clog your gutters and stop water from passing. This could cause major damage to your roof above or your...

Pest & Prevention

How To Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs

How to protect your bed from bed bugs? You may think your flat is clean but let’s be honest. Without professional help keeping your home totally clean is a way too demanding task which cannot be often done on top level. Therefore, our homes are prone to get attacks from bed bugs, these hard-to-see tiny...