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Anderson Reagan

Many of you would think that this is fiction or a drawing of some sort but believe it or not, this are the fruits of Anderson’s hard work. He is the owner and the developer of various parks back in his home town.

Home Design & Decor

Attic Ventilation Tips

Attic Ventilation Tips If you aren’t into roofs and roofing systems it is not likely you have ever heard of the importance of the proper attic ventilation. However easy detail it seems, ventilation or the lack of it has a huge impact on your home in several ways. In this article first we will take...

Repairs & Maintenance

Roofing System Basics

Roofing System Basics Having a complete roofing system for your home would not only keep your home safe from weather effects on the long haul but it’s also highly cost effective. Therefore having the best installed roof is the key element to any safe and sound home. A fully effective roofing system will: keep your...

Pest & Prevention

Bed Bug Signs

Bed Bug Signs Bed bug is a very small and oval shaped insect that has reddish brown body. It is a nuisance insect and can easily invade any place either hotel or home. It is very common in hotels, hitch rides back to your home through your luggage. In case you traveled late, always ensure...

Home Design & Decor

How To Choose Roof Shingles

How to choose shingles Shingles are one of the most important elements of a safe and sturdy home. Not only are they extremely visible to passersby, they are also the primary protecting from rain, sleet and snow. If you have poor shingles, roof leaks can lead to rot and mold, which quickly deteriorate the home....