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Alice Kent

Meet Alice Kent and her husband Richard. They have been living in this house for over a decade now and are renowned florists. They grow flowers for export and for special occasions.

Repairs & Maintenance

Benefits Of A Multi-Purpose Tool

Benefits of A Multi-Purpose Tool Before considering the benefit of multi-purpose tool, it is very important to know what multi-purpose tool is all about. A multi-purpose tool is a versatile and very portable hand tool that combines uniquely with several functions in just one grip or at times in a shape of a credit card....

Home Design & Decor

How To Select Paint

How to select paints Painting is an interesting task and one of the best ways of renovating and improving your home. Paints play a vital role in providing a new look to your house. Choosing a paint color for your house is a challenging task. There are various things that you should consider when selecting...