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Alex Kings

She is an eighteen year old girl who loves flowers and trees. She has formed a movement aimed at planting trees and beautifying the environment.

Home Design & Decor

Choosing Roof Shingle Style and Color

Choosing Roof Shingle Style and Color Shingles greatly define the look and feel of your home, but apart from that, color and shades play an even bigger role in the efficiency of the shingles’ protection. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing the colour and the style of your shingles. The...

Home Design & Decor

How To Paint Stripes On A Wall

How to paint stripes in a wall Painting walls is the simplest way of updating and personalizing your room. Spicing up a wall color with some stripes adds up a unique character to your room. It also opens up the space of the room making it to appear larger. Even if wall stripes add style...

Trees & Shrubs

Identifying Tree Risk

Identifying tree risk To make the serenity of your compound appealing, you should plants various types of trees such as fruit and flower trees. You should promote the growth and prosperity of your trees through tree trimming to ensure the trees grow healthy and fast. You should also identify those tree that should be removed...